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Corporate Social Responsibility

Beyond the call of duty is where our initiatives flourish.

One person can only do so much.

And we are backed by a team of over 6000 employees who empower us as an organization to deliver on our legacy of creating impact. FDC Limited is contributing, over the years, towards the development of society, through various charitable trusts, helping the needy people to meet their needs with respect to education, medical, healthcare, etc. As a commitment towards society, FDC has been contributing, at vast levels, through its CSR initiatives.

The main objectives of FDC's CSR Policy are as follows:

  • To nurture FDC's mission, for dedicated care, towards the under privileged people around it, for their needs towards education, medical, healthcare, etc.
  • To directly, or indirectly, undertake programmes that would benefit the communities in and around it's work centres, over a period of time, in enhancing the quality of life and economic well-being of the local populace
  • To build, through CSR initiatives, a community goodwill for FDC and exist as a positive and socially responsible entity.

COVID-19 Community Care

The pandemic of Covid-19 brought an unprecedented requirement for support and help that the community demanded. FDC partnered with Mantra Foundation, an NGO that delivers 6000+ meals a day in various parts of Mumbai. With each meal, FDC supplied critical electrolytes and energy through a sachet of Enerzal.

Our Heroes were our emergency services professionals that worked relentlessly to keep the city moving and functioning while the pandemic crippled us. FDC made sure that our local police stations had the right energy to keep going and provided 300 packs of snacks on a daily basis to police stations in the vicinity.

Rural Development Projects

FDC has collaborated with MITTRA and BAIF for carrying out Rural Development Programmes in the villages namely Manegaon, Aatkawade, Baragaon Pimpri and Maparwadi surrounding Sinnar, Nashik, Maharashtra through its Project titled FDC Comprehensive Rural Development Project.

Under the said Project, various activities such as Water and Soil based interventions, Water resource development, Renovation of Existing drinking water structures, Women Empowerment, etc, are being carried out in the Villages.

Medical Care

Through its programme 'SUPPORT', the Company focuses on the rehabilitation of street children who are victims of drug abuse. Medicines, diagnostic facilities, and prompt medical attention are provided under the programme. Supplementary nutrition is also given to improve the health quotient of the children availing treatment. The programme continues to prove beneficial to all the residential children as they are showing normal growth in height and weight.

Educational Programmes

The Company's 'Parijnanashrama Vidyalaya Programme' aims to provide good quality education to underprivileged children, with a special focus on the girl child, in rural India. The objective is to transform the children into responsible and self-reliant citizens. A new school building is under progress at Karla, Maharashtra. Under its educational programmes, the Company also focuses on bridging the digital divide by empowering the youth through technology awareness

Support to Eye Hospital

We have supported the 'Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP) Project' implemented at Arvind Eye Hospital - Theni, Tamil Nadu, throughout 2019. The project aimed to reach out to the preterm babies at government hospitals/ Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICUs) for identification, referral and treatment of ROP. Our association with this project has flourished since 2007.

Breast Cancer Screening Camps

We have extended support to CIIGMA Health Foundation, Aurangabad, for promoting breast cancer awareness and providing early detection facilities for the prevention of advancement of breast cancer. More than 80% of the women, who attend the camp, agree to undergo screening during the group meetings which are held on the same day of the camp.