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Welcoming another day of creating a legacy of good

With a legacy that is deeply rooted in the good for people, we have always believed that healthcare starts from the ground up. By internalizing uncompromisable quality, we have ensured that we build a tradition of excellence for quality healthcare for the people.

Our organization is built on the belief that what impact we have on the world comes first, and the rest later. Being the custodians of Electral, we understand that being the first line of treatment for dehydration warrants accessibility and cost-effectiveness.

Each and every member of the FDC tribe is cognizant of the purpose of the company. And when every little step matters in making healthcare accessible, our team goes the extra mile to make sure that step is taken.


Expanding health horizons by improving the quality of life through innovative products and processes.


FDC is a people-oriented organization, dedicated to innovate, manufacture and market high-quality healthcare products that enhance the quality of human life all over the globe, and in turn, increase shareholders' value.


Foundationally strong credibility, reliability, integrity, trust and clarity in vision is what has defined our success since 1936.

Our Core Values

Quest for excellence

A desire to be the best and be recognized as 'the best'.


An organization built on trust, is a better place to work in and is more likely to produce results, in the long run.


Thinking of new ideas and new ways to add value to the organization.


The whole organization, working as a team, is stronger than the sum of its parts.


Always speak the truth, fulfill expectations and keep promises.


Adherence to prescribed regulations, proper conduct and action maintained by correction and training.


Willingness to share information and discuss differences within the organization.


A desire to perform better than one's competitors, by challenging oneself, to attain new heights.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

FDC's journey began with the determination and a dream of Mr. Anand Chandavarkar to build a world class company to serve people and save lives from life threatening diseases. Founded in the year 1936 as a company distributing few products nationally to making top quality products like Electral, Enerzal, Zifi and growing the overall turnover of the company to over 15 Billion INR, FDC has aimed high and provided the medical sector with its prestigious products.

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  • The journey of The Fairdeal Corporation begins in 1936, when Mr. Anand Chandavarkar started importing infant foods, drugs and surgical appliances for distribution in India.
  • 1940

  • The Fairdeal Corporation was incorporated as a Fairdeal Corporation (Private) Limited Company under Indian Companies Act, 1913
  • 1949

  • Formulation plant established in Jogeshwari, Mumbai
  • 1963

  • Introduced Vanmycetin Eye Drops - starting point for ophthalmics and ENT range
  • 1972

  • Introduced Electral - a result of pioneering work in Oral Rehydration Therapy
  • 1974

  • Fairdeal's R&D facilities obtain recognition from Government of India
  • 1977

  • Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) plant commissioned at Roha, Maharashtra
  • 1984

  • Foods division set up for manufacture of specialized infant foods at Roha
  • 1985

  • First US FDA approval of API plant at Roha
  • 1986

  • Fairdeal Corporation (Pvt.) Ltd. was renamed FDC Private Limited
  • 1987

  • Multi-purpose formulation plant commissioned at Waluj in Maharashtra
  • 1989

  • Started commercial production of Flurbiprofen
  • 1991

  • Biotechnology research centre set-up at Waluj.
  • Production of Timolol Maleate (API) started
  • 1992

  • National Award from the Council of Scientific Research and Industry (CSRI) for Indigenous R&D of Flurbiprofen and Timolol Maleate
  • 1994

  • First Indian company to introduce BFS (Blow-Fill-Seal) technology in Ophthalmics, which optimizes sterility and is highly user friendly
  • 1996

  • Public issue of 26,28,200 equity shares of Rs. 10 each at a premium of Rs. 90 each
  • FDC awarded 'Export House' status
  • Specialized & dedicated field force established to promote ophthalmics specialties
  • 1998

  • UK-MHRA approval for ophthalmics facility at Waluj
  • 1999

  • FDC International set-up in the UK for distribution and marketing of Ophthalmics products
  • 2002

  • First UK-MHRA approval for oral solids facility at Goa Plant - I
  • 2004

  • FDC South Africa established
  • 2005

  • First US-FDA approval for ophthalmics facility at Waluj
  • 2 ANDAs filed for ophthalmics dosage forms in the U.S.
  • UV-Lube eye drop (Chloroquine phosphate 0.03 % eye drop) for the indication of dry eye syndrome
  • 2006

  • Forbes rates FDC among the "BEST UNDER A BILLION COMPANIES"
  • US Patent awarded for UV-Lube, the first definitive therapy for dry-eye syndrome
  • 2008

  • US-ANDA approval received for three ophthalmics formulations
  • US-FDA approval received for Waluj
  • MHRA approval received for Goa unit - I
  • New oral Cephalosporins facility set-up at Baddi
  • 2009

  • UK-MHRA approval received for Goa units - I, II & III
  • 2010

  • Ocuvir SR 1.2 g tablet (Acyclovir SR Tablet 1200 mg) for the indication of Herpes Zoster in immunocompetent patients
  • 2011

  • Pharmexcil CERTIFICATE OF APPRECIATION PATENT AWARD 2010-2011, in recognition of commendable contribution in Bulk Drugs Category.
  • 2012

  • UK-MHRA renewal received for Goa Plants - I, II & III
  • US-FDA renewal received for Waluj
  • Pharmexcil CERTIFICATE OF APPRECIATION PATENT AWARD 2011-2012, in recognition of commendable contribution in Bulk Drugs Category
  • 2013

  • UK-MHRA renewal received for Waluj
  • US-FDA renewal received for Roha
  • IDMA Margi Memorial Best Patent Award for "BEST NEW CHEMICAL ENTITY PATENT AWARD 2012-13"
  • Pharmexcil Patent Award "NEW CHEMICAL ENTITIES (NCEs) - SILVER AWARD 2012-2013".
  • 2014

  • US-FDA renewal received for Waluj
  • PICS approval received for Waluj
  • 2016

  • US-FDA approval received for Baddi
  • Pharmexcil Patent Award "NEW CHEMICAL ENTITIES (NCEs) -SILVER AWARD 2015-2016".
  • 2017

  • Received PICs GMP approval for Goa III plant
  • CEP approval received for Salbutamol Sulfate API
  • New USDMF filed for Cinnarizine
  • Geographical expansion -Yemen
  • 2018

  • Received PICs GMP approval for Goa I plant
  • USFDA renewal at Roha plant
  • CEP approval for Fluconazole API
  • 2019

  • Received PICs GMP approval for Waluj plant
  • Waluj site approved for Ophthalmic products by Ministry of Public Health -Qatar
  • USDMF filed for Dorzolamide Hydrochloride
  • Flagship brand Electral 4.4gm launched in New Zealand
  • FDC launched its Criticare division which caters to the Hospital segment
  • 2020

  • Waluj Site approval by Ministry of Health & Prevention-UAE
  • Launched Flag-ship brand " Electral ' in Sultanate of Oman
  • 2021

  • FDC launched Nutrica Division with focus on Nutritional Therapeutic Segment
  • Waluj Site approved for Ophthalmics Products by Ministry of Health -Iraq
  • API Roha plant accreditation renewal received from PMDA, Japan
  • WHO -GMP renewal for API Roha plant
  • Received PICs GMP renewal for Goa I and Goa III plants
  • Launched Flag-ship brand " Electral " in UAE
  • Launched Flag-ship brand " Electral RTD " in Curacao-South America
  • 2022

  • FDC launched its Zocon division with focus on its flagship brand Zocon & Derma segment in Domestic market
  • Brands Electral & Zifi crossed 300 Cr mark in Secondary sales for the period April 21- March 22
  • ANVISA (Brazil) GMP certification received for Timolol Maleate
  • Waluj Site , Ophthalmics line approval by National Health Regulatory Authority of Bahrain
  • Care that Travels

    FDC's zest for excellence originates from a unified mission to make top quality healthcare that is high quality and accessible across various economic strata. Our rock-solid foundation is built to make us achieve our goal of maximizing the reach of our essential care medicines across the country and world.

    Quality Excellence

    One of the leading qualities of FDC is that we deliver what we promise. Since 1936 we have been manufacturing healthcare products that support the lives of individuals and are safe for consumption. FDC has proved its quality excellence in 1985 when the API manufacturing plant at Roha was among the first few companies in India to get accredited by the US-FDA.

    Manufacturing Excellence

    FDC has been successful in setting up manufacturing units in Baddi, Goa, Roha, Waluj and Sinnar that have the capability of creating APIs and finished dosage forms. These manufacturing units have been certified by top international institutions such as US-FDA, UK-MHRA, WHO-GMP, BIS; ISO 22000: 2018 Food Safety Management System, HACCP and other regulatory bodies.

    R & D Excellence

    At FDC, we have an in-house R & D department and the team members are focused on creating high quality, functional and affordable solutions that can be available for everyone across the globe. There are dedicated R & D teams for each department and located at various places. The R & D centre located in Mumbai at Jogeshwari and Kandivali has been recognised by the Department of Science and Technology.

    Meet our Leadership

    The visionaries that have been driving a culture of excellence and growth towards a vision that is greater than the company itself.

    our management

    Awards & Accolades


      FDC has been honoured by the Pharmaceuticals Export Promotion Council (PHARMEXCIL) with "NEW CHEMICAL ENTITIES (NCEs) - SILVER AWARD 2012-2013", for its outstanding contribution in the field of pharmaceutical research by patenting innovations, both in India and abroad.


      FDC has received the prestigious PHARMEXCIL award for the third consecutive year, and with every year FDC is climbing up the ladder of success, in patenting innovations, by bagging certificates of appreciation to receiving the silver award.


      FDC has also shown its presence in the Indian Drug Manufacturers' Association (IDMA) by achieving the "BEST NEW CHEMICAL ENTITY PATENT AWARD 2012-13", in recognition and appreciation of its best granted patents for innovative research in India and globally.


      For breakthrough R&D efforts, FDC has been awarded the "National Award for R&D effort in the industry", by the Department of Scientific Affairs, Ministry of Commerce, Government of India. Apart from being WHO-GMP certified, FDC's API and Formulation manufacturing facilities are approved by Regulatory authorities from all over the globe, including UK-MHRA, US-FDA, ANVISA (Brazil), and MCC (South Africa).


      FDC received the Quality Excellence Award from the "Indian Drug Manufacturers' Association" (IDMA) in 1993 and 1994.